New Jersey Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

While amusement parks offer a thrilling escape from people’s everyday life, they also offer real mechanical dangers that can cause minor to serious injuries and even wrongful death to guests, especially children. Riders of amusement thrill rides range from small children to adults, and their ability to understand the dangers of these rides differ significantly.

Although the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions claims that an amusement park is one of the safest places to go to for summer fun, these parks can still cause injuries to many people. According to U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates, 10,380 people were rushed to hospital emergency rooms in 1999 due to injuries resulting from mechanical failure, rider errors and operator errors of thrill rides.

Some states allow amusement parks to keep their accident records confidential unless someone is rushed to a hospital or dies. The state of New Jersey, however, requires park managers to report incidents that involve even minor bumps and scrapes.

The common causes of amusement park injuries are lack of inspection and monitoring, improper maintenance, product defects, rider errors and operator errors. Just like any other industry, there can be unfortunate exceptions, even when parks follow necessary safety standards.

Amusement Park Injury Compensation Claims

NJ amusement park injury lawsuits can be overwhelming as they involve several areas of the law. These include personal injury, product liability and premises liability. It is therefore important for victims of theme park accidents to seek the help of an experienced attorney to handle personal injury cases.

Injured individuals may be able to recover compensation from the insurance carrier of the owner of the amusement park wherein the injury occurred. If you or your loved one suffered from serious injury that occurred in an amusement park in New Jersey, immediately contact The Grossman Law Firm.

NJ Amusement Park Injury Law Firm

Our amusement park injury lawyers will provide you with personal, compassionate and aggressive representation backed by the support of an expert legal team ready to take on even the most powerful insurance carriers in the state of New Jersey. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to clients and make sure that every client is treated as an individual and never as just another file.

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