Five Injured in Jersey City Rail Station Escalator Accident

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Five people were injured at Jersey City Rail Station after an escalator suddenly changed directions at an accelerated rate.

Officials at the scene disclosed that no life-threatening injuries were sustained, as the victims’ injuries ranged from back and neck pains to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps. As a precaution, however, three people were transported to an area hospital.

The escalator incident happened at Jersey City’s Exchange Place PATH station. The ascending escalator quickly changed direction and began to head down, causing individuals to panic, scream, and even jump on the divider between the ascending and descending escalators mid-ride. Reports show that the escalator finally stopped after approximately one minute.

After the public transportation accident, two of three escalators were shut down, and thousands of individuals were forced to climb the 128 stairs to the street. Workers attended to the escalators, while investigators are currently looking into the possibility of Superstorm Sandy causing the mishap.

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