Head-on collision in Howell injures 3

When drivers lose control of their vehicle and cross into the other lane of the road to face the oncoming traffic, serious accidents can occur. A head-on collision is the most devastating crashes that occur on the road. Head-on collisions often leave people with serious or even fatal injuries. Fortunately for three people involved in a two-car crash on Route 33 near East San Marco Boulevard, the head-on collision did not result in severe injuries.

On April 19, a 17-year-old Howell man was driving a Jeep Wrangler west on Route 33 when it crossed into the eastbound lane and struck a Dodge Journey at around 11:45 p.m., police and witnesses said. Both drivers of the two vehicles and a passenger in the Dodge Journey were transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune for non life-threatening injuries. The occupants of the Dodge Journey, 23 and 25, were Ocean Township residents.

The case of an uncontrolled vehicle crossing into the other lane and colliding with oncoming traffic has a number of different causes, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, falling asleep at the wheel, fatigued driving, epileptic seizures and other medical conditions, driving in an unfamiliar road, mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, and distracted driving. The most common cause of distraction for drivers, especially teen drivers, is using a cell phone or any handheld device while driving.

The wreck is still under investigation, and the report did not state whether alcohol was involved in the crash. In head-on collisions, determining who is at fault for the crash is often straightforward. In some cases, however, liability for the crash lies with the parties other than the driver who crossed into the other lane. This is particularly true in cases that involve poor road design, poorly maintained road, and lack of signs, defective motor vehicle parts, and other similar factors.

People injured in a head-on collision due to someone else’s negligence are entitled to file a civil action against the negligent driver or any other third parties. With the help of a New Jersey personal injury attorney, crash victims may obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries and losses.

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