New Jersey Interstate 80 (I-80) Accident Attorneys

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About Interstate 80 in New Jersey

Interstate 80, also known as I-80 and Highway 80, is a transcontinental highway running from downtown San Francisco, California to Teaneck, NJ in the metropolitan area of New York City. Highway 80 is America’s second longest interstate highway after I-90. In New Jersey, Interstate 80 is also identified as the Christopher Columbus Highway, which runs from the Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge over the Delaware River and continues to its western end at I-95 in Teaneck, Bergen County. Throughout the state, Highway 80 runs parallel to US 46 and heads through the rural areas of Warren County and Sussex County before heading to the communities of Morris County.

New Jersey I-80 Accidents

Certain portions of Highway 80 are considered to be dangerous to motorists. The American Association of State Highway Transportation reported in 2009 that New Jersey roadways are some of the worst roads in America, and that the state’s road conditions are the worst in the country.

The state is one of the most densely populated areas in the entire country, and the high volume of traffic has caused the deterioration of its roadways. When a deterioared road is used by rushing, impatient, distracted, negligent, drunk, or speeding drivers, then you have a roadway disaster recipe that endangers the lives of motorists.

Although signage is almost as good as new on much of Highway 80, the condition of the pavement is an entirely different story, particularly along the eastern stretches of I-80 that seem to invite motor vehicle accidents. The I-80 in New Jersey begins at the Delaware Water Gap as a four-lane highway with many curves and a 50-mph speed limit. However, many motorists still travel at speeds that are considered unsafe for the road conditions, often resulting in accidents.

Throughout the entire route, Highway 80 has a minimum of three lanes in each direction, but extra lanes are added to the west area where elevation is high, and in the east where traffic congestion is high. Although lanes are added to these portions of I-80, however, congestion and accidents have not been eliminated.

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