Red Bank man, 2 others injured following police chase

Law enforcement officers are often placed in situations where they have to make split second decisions when they detect criminal activities. If they try to apprehend a suspect or a motorist who behaves dangerously on the road, they usually make a traffic stop. Once the driver refuses to pull over, police officers may get into a high-speed chase. In a high-speed police pursuit, people on the road are in great danger due to the aggressive driving behavior of the pursued suspect and the pursuing officers.

On April 19 at around 11:22 p.m., Asbury Park police tried to pull over a 32-year-old Red Bank man on the 1100 block of Springwood Avenue. The man, driving a blue 2004 Mazda 6, did not stop for the officers and led them on a chase. According to police, the suspect fled out of the city limits so officers stopped chasing the vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle struck another vehicle occupied by two people seconds later at Route 35 and Monroe Ave. One vehicle overturned and the other struck a business. The three injured people were transported to a hospital in Neptune. There were no reports regarding the extent of the victims’ injuries. The Red Bank man faces charges of possession of marijuana, eluding, and was issued 6 motor vehicle summonses.

In general, drivers owe a duty of care to people sharing the road with them. When drivers operate their vehicle recklessly or negligently, they breach their duty of care. The report states that officers stopped pursuing the suspect prior to the crash. This could mean that the pursuing officers would not be liable for the resulting injuries.

In this particular case, the pursued suspect can be held legally liable for the injuries sustained by other motorists based on negligence if it’s proven that he was driving carelessly. If he was driving at a speed that exceeds the posted speed limit, he can be found liable by simply breaking the traffic law or based on negligence per se. With the assistance of a New Jersey personal injury attorney, the injured individuals may make a compensation claim against the potentially negligent driver.

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