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Warren County, New Jersey is a mix of nature, history, and tourism. The county is endowed with five major waterways and many scenic landscapes in the Great Appalachian Valley. Historic sites, such as the Victorian homes in county seat Belvidere, are also attractions for tourists, alongside the county’s wineries and agritourism. These industries aside, a large part of Warren County’s 107,653 population is in the trade, transportation, and utilities sector.

Though Warren County offers a pleasant environment, it is still not exempt from accidents that cause injuries and the loss of loved ones.

If you are one of those who have been affected by such an accident, claiming compensation and justice can greatly help you recover. However, insurance companies and corporations can reduce what you actually receive, so you need a good lawyer to stand up for you.

The Grossman Law Firm, LLC can provide you top legal representation as well as sincere, compassionate service. We are a personal injury law firm that understands your need for compensation and justice as a major part of your recovery, and our goal is to help you achieve that. Our head attorney, Scott D. Grossman, has served thousands of real people like you, fighting for them during complicated insurance procedures and standing up to large corporations.

We are knowledgeable in various types of cases such as car crashes, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, medical errors, animal attack, brain or spinal injury, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death. If your incident is similar to any of these, trust the Grossman Law Firm to handle your case.

Warren County Accident Statistics

Warren County has lower numbers of accidents compared to most New Jersey counties. However, these accidents are still devastating to those who are involved, as injuries and deaths still occur.

– According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, a total of 3,509 vehicle crashes occurred in Warren County in 2011 alone.

– Of these incidents, 742 resulted to injuries and 15 caused fatalities.

– Among those who died, 13 were the drivers and the other 2 were passengers.

Warren County Hospitals and Medical Centers

When someone is hurt in an accident, it’s best to seek medical attention right away to avoid injuries from worsening. These are some medical institutions you can contact in and around Warren County:

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