Are You Eligible to File a Workers' Compensation Claim?

An injured employee can file a workers’ compensation claim as an alternative to civil litigation; the claim is filed in lieu of the assignment of negligence to either party. Workers’ compensation laws are meant to protect employees as well as employers. However, it is not always the case that you and your employer share the same level of concern for your injuries and financial needs. In these instances, when you feel that your rights are being violated, a knowledgeable and capable attorney is essential. For individuals throughout New Jersey, personal injury attorney Scott Grossman can provide expert representation; he will aggressively argue your claim and pursue payment to which you are entitled.

Types of Injuries Protected by Workers’ Compensation

For an injury to qualify for workers’ compensation, it must be work-related. Here are some examples of the types of injuries for which workers’ compensation claims may be made:

  • Injuries or conditions that are already present and are aggravated or accelerated by duties and functions in the workplace
  • Any injury that occurs during breaks, lunch hours, or at activities sponsored by the employer (such as a company picnic); in addition, any injury that results from the use of company facilities
  • Diseases or illnesses, such as lung cancer, that are caused by exposure to toxins in the workplace in the course of the execution of normal duties and tasks
  • Injuries induced by physical or mental tension experienced in increased workload or stress

What a Workers Compensation Attorney Can Do For You

For our clients who wish to file a workers’ compensation claim in Freehold or another area of New Jersey, attorney Scott Grossman will guide you through the sometimes confusing application procedure. If, in fact, your injury is not covered under the current workers’ compensation laws, our firm can assist you in bringing personal injury legal action against the party responsible for your injury.

Workers Compensation Claim Areas

Scott Grossman is practiced in many different areas of workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation claims commonly involve the following:

Construction Site Accidents

In the case of construction site accidents, responsibility for the injury can be attributed to a number of individuals or businesses. Though workers’ compensation may cover some of the cost of recovering from an injury, often, it is the nature of the industry that these benefits typically are unable to cover the pain and suffering endured by the victim or victim’s family. Some examples of construction accidents include falls, exposure to dangerous materials, and accidents involving defective equipment.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents are far too common in today’s society. In extreme cases, they can result in permanent impairment, disfigurement, or even death. Though workers’ compensation will provide benefits to cover medical expenses and loss of wage – to a maximum amount – it often does not come close to compensating the victim – or the victim’s family – for the pain and suffering that follows the accident. Some causes of industrial accidents include falls, defective machinery, fires, and explosions.

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For those injured in a work related accident in Freehold or anywhere throughout New Jersey, workers’ compensation attorney Scott Grossman can assist you in your injury claim. Contact us today for aggressive and compassionate representation.

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