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new jersey bar fight injury attorneyA bar fight injury usually occurs when intoxicated patrons of a night club or bar engage in a physical struggle or a fight. The owner of a bar that opens for business has a legal duty to provide his or her patrons with a safe environment.

In the state of New Jersey, alcohol servers and bartenders are required to obey the NJ liquor control laws and must make sure that they refuse to serve alcohol beverages to obviously intoxicated guests. Additionally, nightclubs and bars in New Jersey are required to hire and train security personnel or bouncers who are also required to act in compliance with the liquor control laws of the state and all other laws and standards.

To prevent patrons from sustaining a bar fight injury, bouncers should intervene and separate them safely when they’re fighting. It is the duty of the bouncers to safely diffuse the situation. Failure of the bar bouncers to respond quickly and break up the fight safely may lead to injuries on bar patrons.  When a bar fight injury occurs, the bouncers of the bars are held responsible and the bar owner is held legally liable for the sustained injuries.

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Although security personnel have a duty to protect the bar or night club and to pacify patrons with unruly behavior, they don’t have the same authority as police officers. If the bouncers exceed their authority and mishandle or abuse the situation which then causes any of the patrons to sustain injury even when not directly involved in the bar fight that occurred,  bouncers are held responsible.

It is the duty of any establishment in New Jersey that serves liquor to document bar fight injury incidents.  The liability insurance of a club or bar typically provides coverage for personal injury claims when patrons get injured due to he negligence of the bar and its employees and security personnel.

Most often, the insurers of the clubs or bars don’t provide insurance coverage if a patron’s injury is due to an assault by the bar’s security personnel. If a bartender or server serves an obviously intoxicated individual, and the customer injures or kills another person after leaving the bar, the employee who served the liquor will be held responsible for the injuries or wrongful death.

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Individuals who sustained a bar fight injury may be able to recover compensation from the insurance carrier of the owner of the bar or club wherein the injury occurred. If you or your loved one suffered from serious injury that occurred in any club or bar in New Jersey, immediately contact The Grossman Law Firm.

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