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As a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay, Cape May County, New Jersey is a summer destination. Tourists flock the county’s beaches and other attractions so much so that visitors are said to outnumber the 96,304 residents, 9 to 1. Leisure and hospitality is the county’s biggest industry, contributing some 31.8% of county employment. Though the county has several cities, its county seat is the Cape May Court House area in the Middle Township.

The vibrant tourism in Cape May County may be its major advantage, but amid all the flurry, accidents occur and cause suffering to its people.

If you have suffered an injury or the loss of a loved one due to a Cape May accident, fight to recover the pleasant life you’ve been living. Entrust your case to a skilled and sincere attorney.

The Grossman Law Firm, LLC is a personal injury firm that can provide the top-quality legal services you need. We are a team of client-focused lawyers dedicated to achieve justice for real people like you, even in the face of large companies and insurance providers. Headed by the experienced attorney Scott D. Grossman, we can get you the financial compensation or even verdict you need to truly move on after your misfortune.

Our firm has deep knowledge and experience in a variety of cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice or errors, workers’ compensation, brain or spinal injury, dog bites or animal attacks, and wrongful death.

If your suffering was caused by any of these or similar, contact the Grossman Law Firm and we’ll aggressively fight to help you gain true recovery.

Cape May County Accident Statistics

There are relatively fewer accidents that happen in Cape May County compared to other regions in New Jersey. However, the numbers still reach thousands, with the accidents causing injuries and deaths.

– In 2011, the New Jersey Department of Transportation recorded 3,392 total vehicle crashes in Cape May County.

– Of these 2011 accidents, 766 were injurious and 8 were fatal.

– From the 8 fatal accidents, 9 people died – 6 drivers and 3 passengers.

Cape May County Hospitals and Medical Centers

Medical care is crucial for people who are hurt in accidents. In Cape May County, there is only one hospital, but there are other medical institutions that you can contact.

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