Soccer Goal Seriously Injures Young Child

According to the Manalapan Patch, a six year old Howell Township girl was injured when a soccer goal tipped over on her. She suffered serious injuries and was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. The accident happened at Howell Middle School North during soccer practice. Witnesses say they heard a loud bang […]

Experienced Skydiver Killed in Monroe Township After Parachute Fails to Open

Parachute and skydiving accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. Often, such accidents occur, not due to jumper errors, but because of a cord defect, defective steering handles, improper packing, harness failure, or a poorly-maintained or defective parachute.  The device is supposed to protect the jumper from a fall, but this is not the […]

Potential Auto Insurance Reforms in New Jersey

Day 163/365 : Manduria e gli ossimori temporali

~jjjohn~ / / CC BY-NC-ND In New Jersey, part of the legislature moves to change the current auto insurance laws to control escalating auto accident costs to insurers.  The decision has created uproar on medical professionals who claim that such insurance reforms can potentially deny critical medical care for people injured in auto accidents. […]

Plainsboro Hospital Explosion Seriously Injures 3; Nurse in Critical Condition

Hospitals are expected to provide patients, employees, and guests with a high quality of care. They are supposed to be a place where ill and injured people can recover from their medical conditions. Accidents such as falls, explosions, and fires do occur in hospitals, however. When the lives of people are endangered due to the […]

More recalls due to lead paint violations… this is an epidemic

The Food and Drug Administration just issued another series of recalls. See them below. My fellow American parents, if your children’s toys are made in China, just throw ’em out… 1. Children’s Metal Jewelry Recalled by TOBY N.Y.C. Due to Risk of Lead Exposure 2. Children’s Charm Bracelets Sold by Buy-Rite Recalled Due to Risk […]


Hey New Jersey residents… I know you know this already, but as of March 1, 2008, you can be stopped, ticketed and fined for driving while talking on your handheld cell phone. Get a hands free attachment or use the speakerphone option, or better yet, don’t use the phone just to catch up with old […]

The Media Frenzy Seems to have Dwindled, But Recalls Continue

Check out the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s website for the latest in recalls and defective products. You can even sign up on their website and get alerts sent to your e-mail address. Today I received the alert that toy airplanes, cars, and motorcycles recalled by S.U. Wholesale due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. Stay […]

Potential New Laws in NJ to Prevent Sales of Unsafe Toys

Earlier this week that members of the New Jersey Assembly have introduced some legislation to enhance toy safety and protect New Jersey consumers. One bill would make it illegal to sell a toy labeled as unsafe by federal or state government. Another bill would mandate that retails remove recalled toys from their shelves within 48 hours […]