Crossing Guard Bitten by German Shepard in Bloomfield

According to the Bloomfield Patch, a German Shepard recently bit a Bloomfield Township crossing guard. Bloomfield police report that the guard was bitten as she performed her duties early in the morning near Broad Street and Huck Road in Bloomfield in Essex County. The dog approached and then bit her on the right buttock before running […]

12-Month Old Infant Sustains Puncture Wounds on Face After Dog Bite

joshDubya / Foter / CC BY An infant was recently hospitalized in Central New Jersey after a dog bit her on the face. The Middletown First Aid Squad rushed the baby girl to Red Bank’s Riverview Medical Center for medical attention. The dog was left at home, and Middletown Animal Control was notified. Reports say […]


Yet another pit-bull attack in New Jersey resulting in serious wounds.  The Star Ledger recently reported that a 41 year-old woman from Union City was in her son’s apartment when her son’s two pit bulls attacked each other.  The woman and her son attempted to break up the fight when one of the pit bulls […]

New Jersey dog bite law shall determine if Pit Bull shall live or die

The owner of the pit bull accused of terrorizing the community by biting five people in one day told a Parsippany New Jersey Municipal Court Judge that his dog had been provoked by passers-by. The owner of the pit bull appeared in court to plead not guilty to the three charges lodged against him for […]

Dog Bite Prevention

The Humane Society’s website is a terrific resource for everything you need to know about dog bites, from preventing attacks, to avoiding attacks and how to protect yourself and your family and your dog. Take some time review the site if you are a dog owner or if there are dogs or other animals living in […]

Some States Legislating "Bite and Run"

Michigan is looking to pass a law that would make it a misdemeanor for a pet owner to flee the scene of a biting incident, punishable by a $500 fine and possible jail time. It’s not a bad idea for New Jerseyans, either. There are numerous incidents involving dog bites where the victim is unable […]