Crossing Guard Bitten by German Shepard in Bloomfield

According to the Bloomfield Patch, a German Shepard recently bit a Bloomfield Township crossing guard.

Bloomfield police report that the guard was bitten as she performed her duties early in the morning near Broad Street and Huck Road in Bloomfield in Essex County. The dog approached and then bit her on the right buttock before running off.

Police later located the dog on the porch of a Broad Street home.

Medical personnel were dispatched to treat the guard for her wounds. Police eventually found the owner and referred the matter to Bloomfield’s Health Department and Animal Control. They will determine what town ordinances were violated.

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Do you know a dog owner in New Jersey is presumed liable for the injuries their pet inflicts? With very few exceptions, a dog owner is held strictly liable for the wounds their pet causes and there is no exception granted for a first attack.

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