Does the damage done to the vehicle always correlate to the injuries?

People always wonder, does the damage to my car when I’m involved in an accident, is that indicative of what kind of injury that I would’ve sustained? The reality is, biomechanical experts will explain that, not necessarily. In fact, here at the Grossman Law Firm, we have seen all sorts of very serious injuries. We’ve also seen injuries where we were surprised.
When there was a smaller car accident, meaning the damage to the vehicle wasn’t that severe, and then the injuries themselves were severe. Or the damage in the vehicle, there was an extreme rollover where the car rolled over several times, and one person literally walked away unscathed, with no injuries whatsoever, not even a scratch, and someone else in the vehicle didn’t survive. The reality is, we do not know for sure by just looking at the vehicle, about the damage to your vehicle, whether or not you sustained a serious permanent injury or something like that. There’s no way to know that.
We here at the Grossman Law Firm, we specialize in these kinds of cases. Call us, we’ll help you, we’ll walk you through it and we’ll see what happens with your medical treatment in the future to determine whether or not you have a serious case or not.