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Scott Grossman says you will never be compensated for your injuries by the at fault driver if they have “a dollar a day” insurance or do not have insurance at all. Let Scott Grossman review your auto insurance policy and represent you today.


MR. SCOTT GROSSMAN: A dollar a day insurance, the untold story. Most people don’t realize it but there’s automobile insurance available to them for a dollar a day, $365 a year. Sounds wonderful right? Well in the year 2003, the former Governor McGreevy implemented legislation that would allow for this special kind of insurance. It was entitle the SAIP plan; Special Automobile Insurance Program. This was designed to eliminate or reduce the problems associated with drivers in this state driving without insurance. We have a huge uninsured motorist problem in this state, so the former governor thought that this would be a way to solve the crisis. What does this mean? What happens is if you’re Medicaid eligible with hospitalization, then at that point, you may be eligible for this dollar a day plan. So you get your insurance card, wonderful. So you get pulled over by the police, you have an insurance card, so now you’re not driving uninsured right? So everybody seemed happy with this solution, it seemed like it was going to end the problem with people not being able to afford insurance, and driving around without insurance in New Jersey. What happened? In my opinion, it has backfired, because what I am seeing more and more and more, every day, is that people are signing up for this dollar a day coverage. And why is that so bad? What’s bad about it is that it’s a sham on the public. It gives you an insurance card with basically no insurance; no insurance at all. Why does the insurance industry love this? Well, because there’s no risk. Insurance is based on risk. You collect $365 per person, that’s not much. But when you start adding up thousands and thousands of policies, and there’s no risk, it’s all profit. What’s the risk? The only thing the dollar a day really provides for you is emergency medical coverage in the emergency room, but in general there’s no liability coverage whatsoever. What does that mean? So you’re in an accident with somebody, it’s their fault. They hit you, injure yourself or your family, you’re severely hurt. They have the dollar a day, what happens now? Well now, they have no insurance. They have no insurance; chances are they have no assets. So you’re never going to be compensated from them or the dollar a day policy, in any way, shape or form, for your injuries, even if a fatality occurred. Nothing, not one cent will ever go to you or your family to cover you for what you have been through from the at-fault driver, if they have the dollar a day. Now this is why it is critical that on your own insurance you get the maximum amount of under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage so that you can deal with what happens in this scenario. Call us at The Grossman Law Firm whether you’re in an accident with someone who has the dollar a day, or you have the dollar a deal. We’ll speak to you, we’ll take the time to review your policy and the at-fault driver’s policy, and we will protect your rights. Thank you. NARRATOR: Consultations are always free and confidential. Please call 877-99-NJLAW. That’s 877-996-5539. Or email us at the link below. You are not responsible for a fee, unless The Grossman Law Firm recovers on your behalf.


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