Egg Harbor Man Files Lawsuit Over Ski Injuries, Ski Resort Settles

Les skieurs arrivent
simpologist / / CC BY-NC

 A 53-year-old skier who suffered a leg fracture while skiing in 2009 has filed a lawsuit against a Vermont ski resort. The man claimed that apart from the injuries that resulted from his fall, he sustained additional injuries due to the negligence of a ski patroller when the toboggan, which he was strapped into, overturned.

According to reports, the plaintiff was on Ovation, which is a double black diamond trail, and suffered injuries when he hit a bare spot and was careened into the rocks. The man claimed the bare spot was unmarked when it should have been, even in spring conditions. He also claimed he sustained further injuries when the ski patrol took him down Ovation on a snow mobile that flipped over.

The counsel of the ski resort attempted to bar the plaintiff from talking about the accident during the trial but was unsuccessful. The defense argued that the plaintiff fully understood the risks associated with the activity, and that he was solely responsible for his trail injuries. The defense also added that there’s no proof that the overturning of the sled caused the plaintiff to sustain an independent injury.

According to the plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, once skiers sign the release that comes with a ski lift ticket and acknowledge the risks involved in the activity, they should not assume that the ski resort has no liability for injuries. He further claimed that it is the resort’s responsibility to keep the trails in a safe condition, which is also true when it comes to the operation of the rescue workers.

Two days into the trial, the ski resort settled. Both parties confirmed a settlement, although its details were not released.

Skiing should be an exciting experience for those who love the sport, but things don’t always go as planned. Accidents can occur on the ski slope, which may sometimes cause skiers to suffer serious injuries. By the very nature of the sport, it carries with it a high degree of danger and risk.

However, when an accident occurs, it’s not always the fault of the skier. Ski accidents may occur as a result of faulty equipment, improper maintenance of the area, another skier’s negligence, and other causes. Skiers who have been injured in a skiing accident through no fault on their own may be entitled to receive personal injury compensation.

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