Eight Year Old Child in Critical Condition After Cruise Ship Accident

NYDailynews.com reports that an eight year old child nearly drowned on the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Sea. The accident occurred in a pool aboard the cruise ship which was at the time four miles off shore of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The child was rushed by helicopter to Staten Island University Hospital. The ship returned to port in Bayonne in Hudson County.

Coast Guard Senior Chief Steven Allard said the child was in the water for eight to ten minutes before being noticed by ship personnel. He also said a nurse or doctor was able to bring about a pulse after performing CPR. The boy is now said to be in critical condition.

The Daily News says a similar accident occurred on a different Royal Caribbean ship in December. In that case, an eight year old drowned in a swimming pool aboard the Liberty of the Seas.

The entire staff of the Grossman Law firm extend our deepest condolences to family and friends of the victim. We know that a devastating tragedy such as this can impact the lives of people forever.

We at the Grossman Law Firm have extensive experience with both personal injury law and premises liability law. In the case of the latter, this body of law charges owners and managers with the responsibility of maintaining their property in a safe manner. Failure to do so can result in these owners and managers being held negligent. Thoroughly understanding the concept of negligence helps us when it comes to cruise line accidents.

Maritime law may apply to an accident depending on the circumstances and where the ship is registered. The accident would then be a Federal court matter. We can assist in such a case. Cruise ship managers are also tasked with following U.S. Coast Guard regulations. These regulations extend to crewing and crew competency, as well as safety management. We are in a position to help determine whether a cruise ship has been following the law.

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