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In the case of fall accidents often we are dealing with falls from a ladder, scaffolding, or a platform of some kind.

The versatility of a ladder makes people use this tool for many different tasks without thinking if the risk involved warrants an alternative method. In many ladder injury cases, injuries could have been avoided if the job was performed using a safer method. A ladder is often used at the home and workplace, as it enables people to get from one level to another. However, people should first critically examine the circumstances before using a ladder for any purpose.   In most ladder injury cases, electricians and construction workers are the ones being injured. Sadly, many of the injuries often sustained would have not occurred if a platform were used instead of a ladder. A working platform, whether permanent or temporary, proves to be much safer and reduces the risk of workers getting into accidents. Moreover, a platform usually helps finish the job in a quicker, more efficient manner.

In situations where a ladder is considered the best equipment to use, employers must require workers to use fall protection in order to prevent fall accidents, especially in construction sites. Employers who fail to provide fall protection to workers working at great heights can be held liable for the damages incurred by injured workers.

If an fall accident occurs due to the defects or malfunctioning of a ladder or fall protection system and equipment, the injured worker may bring forward a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or supplier of the ladder or fall protection product. A ladder accident may also occur if workers position ladders unsafely or if they misuse fall protection systems. This usually happens when employers fail to provide workers with proper training regarding safety at work. Generally, workers are not solely responsible for fall accidents involving ladders.

In many fall injury cases, victims sustain extremely serious injuries that result in the loss of limbs, spinal cord injury, head trauma, bone fractures, and even death. When making a ladder accident injury claim, a victim often has a greater chance of receiving monetary compensation for the damages by getting legal help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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