New Jersey Interstate 76 (I-76) Accident Attorneys

Motor vehicle accidents that occur on Interstate 76 can be serious and can greatly affect the injured victims’ ability to go about their daily routine and ability to provide for their family. The New Jersey I-76 accident attorneys at The Grossman Law Firm have been handling personal injury claims and wrongful death claims for more than a decade. We provide our legal services on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge fees unless we win our client’s case. Contact us at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation.

About Interstate 76 in New Jersey

Interstate 76 is one of just a few interstates that have eastern and western designations. Just after Highway 76 crosses the Delaware River on the Walt Whitman Bridge, it turns south and becomes the North-South Freeway that carries I-676 north to the downtown area of Camden. The short Garden State section serves mainly as the approach road to the Walt Whitman Bridge and an access to Interstate 676 that approaches the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to the center city of Philadelphia. New Jersey’s exit numbers are backwards, which runs from east to west. Although signed eastbound towards Atlantic City, I-76 ends near Gloucester City in Camden County at an interchange with I-295.

NJ I-76 Accidents  

Motor vehicle accidents are very common on Highway 76, and they often involve large commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers, big rigs, semi trucks, and 18-wheelers. Collisions between trucks and passenger cars often leave the occupants of smaller vehicles seriously and fatally injured, while truck drivers generally walk away unscathed.

Commercial trucks are typically owned by businesses, and so they are most likely insured through commercial insurance policies. Such policies are usually more complex than standard auto policies because they frequently cover multiple vehicles and drivers. They may also have specific terms as to which company is liable during accidents, how much the liability is, and which occurrence the policy covers.                                      

Many accident cases have occurred on Highway 76 where a carrier or individual owned the truck involved, while another carrier or individual owned the cargo trailer. When dealing with accidents involving commercial trucks, insurance policies and all contracts between the potentially liable parties must be thoroughly examined. The relationship between the trucker, the company, and the cargo owner must also be properly determined in order to establish liability for the damage. Often, multiple parties are liable for the injuries and losses of truck accident victims.

About The Grossman Law Firm

The NJ Auto Accident Lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm have a deep knowledge of the personal injury law, and are very meticulous when it comes to examining contractual documents and commercial insurance policies. As experienced Highway 76 personal injury attorneys, our main goal is to obtain the maximum amount of compensation that our devastated and suffering clients deserve. The Grossman Law Firm, founded by Attorney Scott Grossman, has competent car accident lawyers who will work quickly to gather all the necessary evidence to ensure that clients have the strongest possible case. We conduct a thorough investigation on every case we handle to determine how and why a Route 10 accident happened and which parties are potentially liable. Contact The Grossman Law Firm today at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation.