New Jersey Route 10 Accident Attorneys

The state of New Jersey has its fair share of congested highways that are shared by passenger cars, buses, bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, light and medium trucks, and heavy commercial trucks that transport hazardous materials. Accidents are often serious and fatal on such highways. The New Jersey Route 10 accident attorneys at The Grossman Law Firm are always ready to represent accident victims in making a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim. Contact us for a free consultation.

About Route 10 in New Jersey

Route 10 in New Jersey is a 23.51-mile state highway in the northern part of the state and runs from an intersection with US 46 in Morris County’s Roxbury Township, east to Route 577 and Route 677 in West Orange in Essex County. A main route that passes through northern New Jersey, Route 10 is lined with numerous shopping districts in East Hanover/Livingston and Ledgewood, featuring many commercial outlets and shopping centers. Much of its length has four lanes, except for the route’s easternmost part. Route 10 has many intersections with major roads, including Route 53 and US 202 in Morris Plains, as well as I-287 in Hanover Township.

New Jersey Route 10 Accidents

In New Jersey, more people are injured in traffic accidents than any other type of accident. While most of the accidents are caused by the negligence of drivers, dangerous road conditions can also cause serious highway accidents. Route 10 has existed and has been used since the late 1920s, but this old highway isn’t properly maintained. Dangerous road conditions on Route 10 include potholes, unsigned curves, obstructed traffic signs, improper signage, road construction sites, unevenly paved roads, construction materials, and overgrown trees, among others.

Traffic accidents on New Jersey Route 10 due to adverse road conditions are not completely the fault of motorists and should therefore not be their responsibility. While drivers have the responsibility to exercise caution when driving, accidents due to dangerous conditions are the responsibility of government agencies responsible for maintaining the road, or the responsibility of construction crews, or the agency that hired them.

Motorists often fail to notice road dangers because they don’t expect such hazards to be there. Road dangers commonly go unnoticed by motorists until it’s too late. Motor vehicle accidents can be really serious and deadly, and dangerous road conditions are capable of causing such accidents as they hinder motorists from driving safely.

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