New Jersey Garden State Parkway (Route 444) Accident Attorneys

The Garden State Parkway is a heavily traveled route in New Jersey, and has been ranked as the busiest toll highway in the United States based on its total number of toll transactions. As such, it’s not surprising to witness motor vehicle accidents on this highway.

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About New Jersey Route 444

The Garden State Parkway or Route 444, also nicknamed “Garden State” or “The Parkway”, is an access toll parkway which runs for approximately 172.4 miles, or the distance from the New York line located in Montville, NJ up until Cape May at the state’s southernmost tip. The Parkway’s unsigned but official designation is Route 444 due to its historic connection to NJ 4. The north end of highway 444 is known as the Garden State Parkway Connector, which is a part of the New York State Thruway system, connecting to Ramapo’s Thruway mainline. The NJ Turnpike Authority has maintained the Parkway since 2003.

New Jersey Garden State Parkway Accidents

The Garden State Parkway, which is the longest highway in the state of New Jersey, nearly doubles the number of traffic-related fatalities of most other major highways through the state. For two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, the Parkway was the highway in NJ with the highest number of fatalities. The increased traffic volume and higher traffic limits on the Parkway (Route 444) contribute to its high number of fatal accidents.

Analysts say that the factor that contributes most to auto accidents on Route 444 is the higher speed limit on the highway, which is 65 mph, compared to many other highways in the state. Commercial trucks also cause catastrophic accidents on some portions of the Parkway. Although commercial vehicles are not allowed to travel the Parkway past the Asbury Park Toll Plaza, they are allowed to use the southern portions of Route 444. Toll charges are relatively cheaper on this highway mainly due to its low maintenance cost, considering that commercial trucks weighing five tons or greater are restricted from using the highway north of 105 in Tinton Falls.

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