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The severity of an industrial accident injury can range from slight to fatal. The most common causes of accidents in an industrial site are malfunctioning equipment, chemical spills, electrocution, burns, explosions, toxic substances and falls. The common factors that contribute to industrial accidents are poor safety standards, workers’ negligence and workers’ fatigue.

Recovery for injuries caused by industrial accidents can either be swift or a long process depending on the cause and severity of the victims’ injuries. In most cases, victims are not able to regain their full capacity to perform their duties even after recovery because the injuries have affected their psychological and physical health. As a result of their inability to work, they suffer long-term financial losses.

Industrial Accident Claims in New Jersey

Industrial accident injuries are usually pursued through Worker’s Compensation claims. However, if the accident results from equipment with manufacturing or design defects, or from the negligence of another person other than the employer, a personal injury claim is typically pursued. There are different factors that can influence the legal course to be taken by the victims. Victims of the accident have to prove that an illegal action or negligence has caused the injury.

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Industrial accident law in New Jersey can be complicated as there are different factors to consider. A personal injury lawyer familiar with industrial accident law in New Jersey can help a victim make the right decisions regarding the case.

Individuals who suffered from industrial accident injuries have legal right to pursue compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering if the injuries are due to the negligence of the employer or any other party. If you or your loved one suffered from serious injuries due to an industrial accident in New Jersey, immediately contact The Grossman Law Firm.

NJ Industrial Accident Injury Lawyers

Our lawyers will provide you with compassionate, personal and aggressive representation with the support of our expert legal team that will take on even the most powerful insurance carriers in the state of New Jersey. We are very responsive to our clients and we make sure that we treat each of our clients as an individual and not just another file.

At the Grossman Law Firm, we represent clients on a contingency fee basis.  Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered from settlement or verdict of the injury case. All consultations are free and our clients will never pay a fee unless they recover.

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