Joanne says she came to The Grossman Law Firm after being attacked by a dog. She says she didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. After meeting with Scott Grossman, she says she was given the advice she needed, the compassion she deserved, and the outcome she desired.


JOANNE: I came to The Grossman Law Firm because I was attacked by a dog, and I didn’t know what to do about it, and there was nothing being done about it. So I went to him actually just for advice. He suggested what I should do, and I decided to go with his law firm. Scott was there to answer any questions that I had, or suggest someone I should see, or something that I wouldn’t have normally taken upon myself to do. It’s a long recovery time, but I think if it wasn’t for Scott Grossman, I probably might not even have recovered from this. So I’m really glad that I did come to Scott Grossman. Scott helped me a lot in the trial as far as telling me how things were going to run, step by step. Telling me okay now we’re going to go through this, now we’re going to go through that. So he made me at ease. Of course my emotions were still there, but he was right next to me and I felt comfortable. He told me to relax, you know, you need someone by your side to do that, and he was ready. He had his information, he had all of his facts, and he did a really good job. I’m very proud of him. He’s also a good friend, because like I said, I did get to speak to him out of court if I had a problem, and he wasn’t rushing me off, and he always made time if I needed to make an appointment. I believe Scott Grossman fought for my rights above and beyond where he had to. I was okay with what came out because of the settlement, but Scott thought he should do a little more, and he did. And even though I didn’t ask him to, he did go above and beyond my expectations. The staff at The Grossman Law Firm was very nice. We were on a one-name basis. If I asked them any questions, if I needed anything, they made sure Scott got the message and I got it right away. I would recommend Scott Grossman. He’s an upstanding person, he’s honest. I have recommended him actually to other people. If you’re going to need legal help, then it should be someone who you can talk to, and not someone who’s going to do it because it’s their job. And I really appreciate everything that Scott did for me.


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