New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney

espanolThe four elements that must be proven in New Jersey Medical Malpractice claims are:

1) Establishing a duty of care to the injured person, usually based upon the existence of the physician-patient relationship.

2) Breach of the applicable standard of care.

3) Causation between the violation of the standard of care and the harm complained of.

4) Damages in the form of a compensable injury. The majority of medical malpractice claims arise from the failure of the healthcare provider to follow standard procedures (substandard care), that the healthcare provider failed to diagnose or inform the patient about the presence of a terminal illness, or the healthcare provider failed to test or diagnose birth injuries.

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When medical malpractice has been established in a lawsuit, the injured person is generally entitled to damages. Victims may recover economic and non-economic losses. Economic losses are medical bills, prescription costs, and lost wages. Non-economic losses for the pain, suffering and inconvenience which resulted from the injuries suffered from the medical malpractice. Estimates reveal that the average cost of litigating a medical malpractice claim is over $50,000 therefore we at The Grossman Law Firm, LLC only handle cases involving very serious permanent injuries or even wrongful death.

As a Grossman Law Firm, LLC personal injury client, you will receive personal, compassionate and aggressive representation backed by the support of an expert legal team who knows how to take on the state’s most powerful insurance carriers. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients and make sure that every client is treated as an individual and never treated as another file.

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If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or death from what you believe is medical malpractice anywhere in New Jersey, please contact The Grossman Law Firm today at (732) 943-0383 for a free consultation. We represent our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means our fees are based on a percentage of the recovery from settlement or verdict of the case.