My primary care physician doesn’t accept auto accident patients. Why? What can I do?

Oftentimes in New Jersey when you’re involved in a motor vehicle type accident, you’re hurt. You may go to the hospital and then the hospital may refer you to your primary care physician or your family doctor. You may find that you call to make an appointment and someone in the office says to you, to your surprise, “Oh, we’re sorry, we can’t see you. The doctor will not see you.” You’re shocked. You say, “How is that possible? This is my own doctor.”

Well, in New Jersey many physicians’ offices are not equipped to handle motor vehicle accidents. They’re used to taking your health insurance and dealing with your health insurance and there are certain ways that they get approval for their visits and things of that nature. Well, with the auto insurance, it’s a walking minefield for the physicians’ offices, and a lot of them decide, “Hey, I don’t want to deal with this. If we have to bill the auto insurance, I just will not see patients in auto accidents.”
That is why it is critical that you contact a law firm like us here at the Grossman Law Firm, where we engage and will refer you to a local physician near you that meets your needs. That will understand, not the physician but the office, will understand, how to protect you, how to build the insurance company appropriately under the law, so that you’re not burdened and stuck with enormous medical debt at the end of your treatment process.