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Old Bridge Township, New Jersey has the ideal mix of nature, history, and industry. With seven major rivers and numerous ponds, the township’s economy has historically flourished through mill streams, clay industry, and farms. Today, Old Bridge Township is considered a bedroom suburb to New York City, owing to its proximity and easy access, and providing plenty more economic opportunities for the township’s 65,375 people.

With its proximity to the big city and its own growing community, Old Bridge has become a venue for many devastating accidents. For those who have suffered from such accidents, the Grossman Law Firm provides high-quality legal service, helping victims obtain compensation and rebuild their lives. Our firm has in fact recovered over $13 million for various clients, and we continue to commit our proven legal excellence to each case we handle.

Old Bridge, NJ Accident Facts

Old Bridge Township has 222.24 miles of roadways, including major thoroughfares like the Garden State Parkway. The New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95) is also just minutes away from the township. Vehicle accidents are thus quite common in this area. These are some statistics from City-data.com:

  • In 2014 alone, five fatal traffic crashes occurred in Old Bridge.
  • These accidents led to the deaths of five people.
  • For many years, Old Bridge’s fatal accident count has consistently been higher than the New Jersey state average. In 2014, for example the township had 21.1 fatal crashes per 100,000 population, while the state average was only 7.9.
  • The township also has a higher number of fatal crashes involving alcohol. The 2014 data shows that per 100,000 population, there were 4.2 fatal accidents involving drunken persons in Old Bridge, while throughout the state, there was only an average of 1.9.

Old Bridge, NJ Hospitals and Medical Centers

In an area where accidents are almost inevitable, it is crucial to know who to call and where to go for the treatment of injuries. These are some hospitals, medical centers, and urgent care centers in Old Bridge, NJ:

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