Pharmacy Error Case Results in $8 Million Verdict

Late last year, a jury delivered a verdict ordering Eckerd Corporation to pay Ms. Tiffany Phillips $7.7 million for a pharmacy error which resulted in the loss of the young woman’s new kidney. CVS, also a named defendant in the action, reached a confidential settlement with Phillips for an undisclosed amount.

Here are the facts: In 2002, plaintiff Tiffany Phillips went to the Eckerd pharmacy in Lancaster, South Carolina, to get a prescription filled for an anti-rejection drug (prednisone) in connection with a recent kidney transplant. The Lancaster Eckerd didn’t have enough of the medication on site, so a pharmacy technician called a Lancaster CVS pharmacy to fill the entire prescription. However, an apparent miscommunication between the two stores occurred, resulting in Ms. Phillips being instructed to take 1250 milligrams a day of the drug for three days, over four times the intended amount of 250 milligrams. After taking the drug dispensed to her, Phillip’s new kidney failed and she underwent a second kidney transplant.

This story was printed in the Charlotte Observer.

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