New Jersey Product Liability / Defective Products Attorney

espanolEach time we purchase an item, the last thing we expect is for our safety to be put at risk due to that product. Unfortunately, faulty products do exist.

All manufacturers are obliged to sell products that are safe and free from defects. As the consumer, you are entitled to specific safety elements when you purchase an item. Thankfully, existing product liability laws provide you with a form of protection, especially if you have purchased a product that could be harmful to your well-being.

The state courts have ruled that all products must be safe if used responsibly and under reasonable conditions for which the items were intended. It can be considered reasonable for a child, for example, to play with a toy in any manner that provides enjoyment, even if the toy is not used specifically according to stated instructions or its intended purpose. Under the state’s product liability laws, you may still have a legitimate claim for damages in such case.

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Compensation for defective products

The state’s product liability act covers all defective products, which means that you have a right to compensation whether you are injured on the job and are already receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

You have the right to obtain compensation from product manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and vendors for injuries sustained from the following:

  • Motor vehicle defects
  • Faulty automobile components
  • Defective automobile repairs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Children’s clothing, toys and furniture
  • Workplace equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Food
  • Instruments
  • Appliances

If a company who manufactures or products a specific product discovers the defect, then it is the company’s responsibility to inform all its consumers about the particular defect, whether by direct correspondence with the consumers or through the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission or a similar governing agency.

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Hiring a product liability attorney

A product liability lawyer represents clients who are injured or harmed due to defective products with manufacturing defects, design defects, no warning of unnecessary dangers or even a lack of instructions for safe product use.

Product liability claims can generally be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. Product manufacturers are often large corporations with practically unlimited resources and large insurance companies to protect their interests, minimize damages, prevent recalls and even avoid responsibility altogether.

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