Liability of another kind – when man = dog

Should a dog be entitled to “beyond a reasonable doubt” when its life is on the line? Okay. Now I’m enraged.

I just watched an interview on News 12 with Congo’s owner, Guy James, who stated the reason he put his dogs down is because he knows the statute and he would not want to put his dogs or his family through this when the dogs would have to be destroyed anyway. What about concern for his mother-in-law, a 75-year-old woman who endured massive numbers of puncture wounds and lacerations? What about the safety of his family and the rest of his community?

HMO Accountability Still Missing in Action

Earlier this month, Acting Gov. Donald T. DiFrancesco signed the Health Care Carrier Accountability Act, also known as the “Right to Sue Your HMO Act.” What makes for a great public-relations, bipartisan, caring, smiling-faces media event is, in practice, more HMO-friendly than the insurance industry or our elected officials want New Jersey residents to realize. Read More…

Justice For The Injured

Attorney Scott D. Grossman may be the new guy in town, but by no means is he green under the collar when it comes to representing clients who have been involved in accidents resulting in serious personal injuries. Two years ago, The  Grossman Law Firm, LLC, opened its doors in downtown Freehold; and ever since, he has been serving the people of the local area with respectful compassionate, and zealous legal representation in matters involving all types of personal injuries, including automobile accidents, dog bites, and trip and falls. Read More…

The Weapon Health Insurers Use Against Patients

This year’s hottest topic will be the horrific injustices that patients and physicians have endured due to the recent boom in the managed care industry.

However, the press has largely failed to report how the powerful insurance industry has successfully lobbied Congress to prevent managed care companies from facing liability for the wrongful denial of benefits. This huge loophole allows managed care corporations to put profits before the best interest of patients. Read More…