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A majority of swimming pool injuries result from the improper design and construction of pools, failure of pool owners to properly secure pools from young children, and failure to keep pools free from dangerous conditions. The common injuries that a person may sustain in a swimming pool accident are drowning, near-drowning injuries, drain injuries, ladder injuries, slip and fall injuries, lifeguard error injuries, and diving board injuries which can further result in spine, neck and head injuries, traumatic brain injury, disembowelment, evisceration, and such other submersion injuries.

A swimming pool accidents are often very tragic. Reports have shown that about 1,000 children die each year due to swimming accidents and 1/3 of these fatalities are due to swimming pool accidents.  Most of the victims are reported to be small children who can easily drown within five minutes even in less than two inches of water.  Pool mishaps also cause serious injuries or death to thousands of adults each year.

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Other catastrophic pool injuries can occur when an individual, whether an adult or child, comes too close to a drain without a cover. Drains contain pumps that powerfully trap the victims underwater which sometimes cause victims to be disemboweled. The pool owner has the responsibility to properly maintain and keep the pool safe and its equipment free from defects. If the drain system is found to be defective, such as having broken lids, a product liability claim can be sought against the drain manufacturer.

Chemical burn injuries can also occur when excessive chemicals are used in pools. This injury is often caused by the carelessness of workers maintaining the pool’s cleanliness, and the liable parties can include the maintenance company and the property owner. In chemical burns that occurred in public schools, the government entity is typically held liable.

Injuries involving slips and falls around pools is another common types of swimming pool injuries. Water splashes naturally make the pool area extremely slippery. Therefore, property owners must use the appropriate type of concrete in designing the pool in order to prevent slip and fall accidents. During summer, a great number of people have fun in city pools and shared pools in condominium complex and apartments. Spilled sunscreen makes the pool areas even more slippery, so it’s very important for pool owners to ensure the safety of the pool’s surrounding deck.

Swimming Pool Accident Claims

In most swimming pool injury cases, the defendants blame the victims for the injury regardless of its severity. The defendants’ insurance companies typically don’t offer fair compensation to victims not represented by attorneys. Pool injury victims with legal representation generally receive compensation several times the amount that the unrepresented victims usually receive. Injured individuals may be able to recover full compensation from the insurance carriers of the swimming pool owners and/or maintenance companies.

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