New Jersey Toxic Substance Injury Lawyer

Toxic substance injuries occur when an individual is harmed due to exposure to certain toxic materials. Some types of toxins may not have a permanent effect on the body, but some can cause irreversible damage. Depending on the level of a substance’s toxicity and the length of time an individual is exposed to it, the substance may affect one particular organ or several systems of the body. The most common illnesses caused by exposure to toxic substances are respiratory problems, infertility, brain damage, miscarriage, and mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

In toxic substance injury cases, determining which party is liable for the injuries can be a complicated process. Under the “strict product liability” law, the manufacturer of a toxic substance can be held liable for manufacturing a dangerous product that caused injuries. If an illness was caused by exposure to a toxic substance at work, then the victim may file a workers’ comp claim instead of suing the employer. However, the victim may still recover compensation against a third party.

A toxic substance supplier can be held liable if they fail to provide safety information and adequate warnings regarding the use of the product. A property owner can also be held liable for an individual’s injuries if a substance present on the property harms the visitor or tenant.

Toxic tort lawsuits basically involve allegations that the plaintiffs were injured or harmed due to exposure to toxic substances or chemicals. The lawsuits may be based on negligence, premises liability, product liability, and other legal theories. A toxic tort case is usually a long and difficult process, and the most difficult part is proving causation. Regardless of what legal theory is involved in a toxic tort case, getting the help of a good injury lawyer can help the victim win your case.

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