Yecenia says she was involved in an auto accident and suffered injuries. She let the phenomenal lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm represent her and handle her personal injury case.


YECENIA: I’ve been in an accident at the year of 2005, and then I had another accident 2007, and he took care of the case of 2005, and also the 2007. They were both motor vehicle accidents. The 2005 I really don’t remember much, it’s been a long time. The 2007 I remember, it’s recently. I think I went through a lot. The 2007 accident caused me to suffer more injuries than my 2005. I had to go for two surgeries, and Scott helped me to find the best doctor in order for me to get better, which he did a very good job. The case settled already, but Scott is still there for me. Scott has already treated me more than just a person. He treats me like a friend, like a family. He’s always been there for me, I’ve never had a problem. He’s a great lawyer. He does the best job for everyone, I believe. I mean, he did the best job for me, and I’m very happy that I chose him to be my lawyer from both of my cases. I mean, he’s done so much for me. I’m very happy with him. I’m happy that he cares about people. He cares about me a lot. I know he tried to do the best he could have done for me. He still calls me, wants to know if I’m okay. Every time that I try to get in touch with Scott, he’s always there for me. It could be Saturday night, Sunday morning, he’s always there, anytime that I want to speak to him. He always picks up his phone. I could leave a message and he’ll call me right back. There’s never a problem trying to get in touch with him, which is very important to get someone whenever you need help at any time and day. He takes care of the people more than anything. He is a person that cares about the person, and all their problems. I’m very happy with him. I would recommend Scott to everyone in my family, all my friends, everyone that I know. He’s the greatest lawyer. NARRATOR: Consultations are always free and confidential. Please call 877-99-NJLAW.


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