Yet Another Case of Pharmacy Error

A report out of Columbus, Georgia late last week revealed that a woman went to her local CVS Pharmacy to fill a Vicadin prescription for her son who sprained his ankle. The prescription was for twenty pills, but the pharmacist put 90 pills in the bottle. Horrified, and afraid of what could happen if someone got his hands on these excess pills, she called the pharmacy to report it. At that time she was told to either bring them back or throw them out, and when she told the pharmacist that she might not be able to get back to the store that night, she was told to, “Do what you want with them. Keep them. It doesn’t matter.” This did not sit well with the worried mother who then contacted the Georgia Narcotics Agency, who advised that she return the excess pills to the CVS, and when she went to do just that, the pharmacist refused to take them back. What an incredulous error in light of the fact pain killer prescriptions are to be checked by three different pharmacy staffers, including the pharmacist.

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