1 injured after drunk driver collides head-on with Monmouth University security vehicle

Motor vehicle accidents can have life-changing effects to injured victims. When a drunk driver is involved in an accident, the crash seems all the more senseless. Drunk driving wrecks usually cause more serious injuries than any other types of traffic accidents. Drugs and alcohol limit a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle, resulting in lowered alertness, reduced coordination, slow reaction times, and difficulty maintaining speed.

At around 11:40 p.m. on April 19, a Monmouth University safety officer sustained injuries after a 2012 Dodge Charger, driven by an allegedly drunk 32-year-old Long Branch man, collided head-on with the Monmouth University security vehicle.  According to police, the Dodge Charger crossed over the northbound lane of Larchwood Ave. and crashed into the security vehicle, pushing the security vehicle about 16 feet before coming to a rest against the university’s fence.

The safety officer was knocked unconscious. The driver of the Dodge Charger called for help using the safety officer’s radio.  His vehicle was impounded, and the security vehicle was towed from the crash scene. The Long Branch man was charged with drunk driving.

Under the law, the Long Branch man could possibly be negligent and may be held liable for the security officer’s injuries regardless of whether he was drunk or not. This is because he crossed into oncoming traffic, which is a violation of the traffic laws. He may have the right to defend himself and deny allegations of negligence, but he could have credibility issues because he was driving while intoxicated.

In motor vehicle accident lawsuits that involve drunk driving, several factors need to be considered. Criminal charges against a drunk driver can strengthen the injured victim’s personal injury claim. The victim may also claim compensation under the New Jersey’s Dram Shop Act that extends liability to establishments responsible for over-serving alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons. A New Jersey personal injury attorney can help injured individuals obtain maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

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