What should I do after a hit & run?

  What should I do after a hit & run? Oftentimes in New Jersey, people are involved in hit and run automobile accidents. So the other driver struck your vehicle and took off. I don’t want you run and chase down the vehicle, just remain put. If you have a chance to observe the license […]

What should I do after a truck accident?

  What should I do after a truck accident? If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, it is one of the most serious situations that you can find yourself in, obviously. The most important thing is that, of course, as soon as it happens, you seek medical attention immediately. […]

What should I do after a car accident?

What should I do after a car accident? Immediately following a car accident, an automobile accident obviously move your car to safety then call the police. Get medical attention immediately. After that, don’t speak to the other driver. Don’t speak to any witnesses. Just stay put where you are. Once you get to safety and […]

What is unique about trucking injuries?

What is unique about trucking injuries? The truck oftentimes is extremely heavy of course. It can be a dump truck carrying commercial stones, it can be a heavy tractor-trailer truck filled to the brim with product. Trucking accident cases are very serious. They have some of the most intense life, altering potential injuries. We see […]

New Jersey Transit Train Accident Injures As Many as 100 in Hoboken – NJ Train Accident Lawyer Comments

NJ.com and other news media is reporting that a New Jersey transit train crashed into the Hoboken station this morning, injuring as many as 100 and leaving at least one person dead. Witnesses say the train never slowed down for the station, instead crashing at speed into the crowded facility. The train came to rest […]

Soccer Goal Seriously Injures Young Child

According to the Manalapan Patch, a six year old Howell Township girl was injured when a soccer goal tipped over on her. She suffered serious injuries and was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. The accident happened at Howell Middle School North during soccer practice. Witnesses say they heard a loud bang […]

Crossing Guard Bitten by German Shepard in Bloomfield

According to the Bloomfield Patch, a German Shepard recently bit a Bloomfield Township crossing guard. Bloomfield police report that the guard was bitten as she performed her duties early in the morning near Broad Street and Huck Road in Bloomfield in Essex County. The dog approached and then bit her on the right buttock before running […]