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People often sustain injuries in any vehicle accident, but when it comes to bus, subway/train or other public transport accidents, several different factors not involved in regular car accidents can come into play.

Passengers are often not buckled into their seatbelts when riding a bus because they are not required to, or simply because there are no seatbelts available in public buses and school buses. Since wearing a seatbelt on buses is not mandatory, passengers become more susceptible to injuries when NJ Transit accidents happen.

Bus passengers can be thrown about when a collision occurs. If a driver loses control of the bus, this huge vehicle may go plummeting down a mountain, into a river or lake, or off a bridge. If a rollover occurs, passengers can be thrown out from the bus, entrapped, or even crushed when the bus lands on them. A passenger walking or standing in the bus can suffer minor or serious injuries when being thrust about or while falling down after the bus comes to a screeching halt.

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Another factor that sets buses apart from many other vehicles is their massive size. While pedestrians have a chance of survival when struck by smaller vehicles, their chance of survival becomes slimmer when buses hit them. Buses can do a lot more damage compared to smaller vehicles, which means that the injuries pedestrians sustain and the damage caused to other vehicles can be far greater.

Similar to trucking accidents, there are various reasons why bus injuries occur, such as when a negligent driver becomes inattentive, drunk, fatigued, or impaired by a controlled substance or prescription medication. A driver may also make judgment errors while driving, such as speeding, taking a turn too fast, or driving carelessly at a blind spot.

Mechanical defects can also cause a accident. This commonly occurs when a bus is not properly maintained or has defective parts. Unfortunately, some bus companies fail to maintain their buses regularly in order to save money, while some manufacturers supply poorly designed parts.

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