New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Study Program Commissioned to Decrease Crashes

My experience as a motorcycle accident attorney representing many bikers injured throughout central and northern new jersey is that most often these victims suffer extensive fractures, scrapes, burns or traumatic brain injuries as the result of the failure of drivers of a car or automobile to see the motorcycle until it is far too late. […]

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents: Safety Tips


Motorcycles have a notorious reputation for being a dangerous form of transportation. However, they can be safe when riders and other driver’s exercise good driving habits. At Grossman Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys in Monmouth County work to keep our clients informed on the measures they should take to prevent any sort of collision, […]

Injured while riding on a motorcycle, in a bus, taxi or commercial vehicle in a New Jersey accident? Believe it or not, neither your truck, motorcycle or auto insurance company will be responsible for your medical bills.

In New Jersey, as a general rule if you are injured while occupying or driving a motorcycle, moped, commercial vehicle, taxi cab, chauffeured rentals or bus you will not be able to seek PIP no-fault benefits for payment of your medical bills. That’s right, if you have private health insurance your medical bills may be covered as long as your policy does […]

Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Laws – Do They Infringe on Your Rights to Individual Freedom?

Maybe. But should that really be the right question when it comes to the safety of motorcycle riders? In New Jersey, state law mandates that all those who ride motorcycles must wear a DOT approved helmet. Each year in the Garden State, 2500 motorcycles are involved in accidents, resulting in at least 50 fatalities.