New Jersey Transit Train Accident Injures As Many as 100 in Hoboken – NJ Train Accident Lawyer Comments and other news media is reporting that a New Jersey transit train crashed into the Hoboken station this morning, injuring as many as 100 and leaving at least one person dead. Witnesses say the train never slowed down for the station, instead crashing at speed into the crowded facility. The train came to rest […]

Clifford LeMay Dies After Falling from Glenpointe Building In Teaneck writes that Clifford M. LeMay, variously reported as 56 or 57, died Tuesday morning when he fell from the roof of the Glenpointe building near I-95 in Teaneck. Although the investigation is ongoing, township police Chief Robert Carney thinks the incident was a tragic accident and not the result of foul play. Mr. LeMay may have […]

New Jersey Man Almost Electrocuted Awarded $7 Million

Danger de mort

zigazou76 / Foter / CC BY A New Jersey man, employed by a roofing company, was sent to work on the roof of a warehouse when a live electrical wire jolted him. The warehouse was owned and maintained by two separate companies. After removing a condensing unit, the roofer was touched by a live wire […]

Five Injured in Jersey City Rail Station Escalator Accident


Seite-3 / / CC BY-NC-ND Five people were injured at Jersey City Rail Station after an escalator suddenly changed directions at an accelerated rate. Officials at the scene disclosed that no life-threatening injuries were sustained, as the victims’ injuries ranged from back and neck pains to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps. As a precaution, […]

Stolen Front Loader Crashes into Southern New Jersey Diner

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The National Guard / Foter / CC BYfron Another accident that highlights that personal injury can occur any time and anywhere even when you’re eating a meal at a restaurant. Not that long ago a front-end loader crashed into Piston Diner located in southern New Jersey. According to the police chief of Westville, Gloucester County, […]

Jackson Officials Stymied on Making Deadly Roadways Safer

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Danielle Scott / / CC BY-SA The safety of motorists driving on Jackson’s roadways has again become a subject of debate since two sisters were killed in a two-car, head-on collision in County Route 547. The 17-year-old driver of a 1987 Mercedes Benz was crossing the centerline of Route 547 on a rainy day […]

Leg Crushed by Crucifix Leads to Amputation and $3M Lawsuit

Figure 5.4: Tripod Specimens A and B. (Explore)

Scott Hudson * / / CC BY Several media outlets reported that a catholic family man had his right leg amputated after a crucifix he was cleaning located outside a church in Newburgh crashed down into his leg. The amputation caused him to file a $3 million negligence lawsuit against the church. The victim, […]

Plainsboro Hospital Explosion Seriously Injures 3; Nurse in Critical Condition

Hospitals are expected to provide patients, employees, and guests with a high quality of care. They are supposed to be a place where ill and injured people can recover from their medical conditions. Accidents such as falls, explosions, and fires do occur in hospitals, however. When the lives of people are endangered due to the […]

New Jersey Law Strengthens Mine Safety Violation Fines

Eerily timely in the wake of the Utah Mine tragedy, Governor Jon Corzine recently signed a new law increasing fines for violating New Jersey mine safety laws. The old law carried penalties ranging from $25 to $500. Under the new legislation, the first offense will be $2,500, then up to $5,000 for a second offense and […]