What should I do after a truck accident?

  What should I do after a truck accident? If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, it is one of the most serious situations that you can find yourself in, obviously. The most important thing is that, of course, as soon as it happens, you seek medical attention immediately. […]

What is unique about trucking injuries?

What is unique about trucking injuries? The truck oftentimes is extremely heavy of course. It can be a dump truck carrying commercial stones, it can be a heavy tractor-trailer truck filled to the brim with product. Trucking accident cases are very serious. They have some of the most intense life, altering potential injuries. We see […]

Jacquelin Sanchez Killed in Crash With Tractor Trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike

NJ.com is reporting that Jacquelin Sanchez died Sunday afternoon when the Toyota she was driving slammed into a parked big-rig on the New Jersey Turnpike near mile marker 91.7 in Woodbridge. Sanchez, 21, was a resident of New Brunswick. Authorities say a tractor-trailer was disabled for an unknown reason in the right hand lane when Sanchez […]

Pedestrian Nadia Assad Killed When Struck By Van In USPS Parking Lot in Kearny

NJ.com reports that Nadia Assad, 54, of Jersey City, was struck and killed by a Nissan NV early Tuesday morning. She was walking across a parking lot to the Dominick V. Daniels Processing and Distribution Center located on the Newark-Jersey City Turnpike in Kearny. The center is a United States Post Office facility. Assad was rushed to University Hospital in Newark, however, […]

Robert Kwasizur and Dorothy Kwasizur Seriously Injured in Tractor-Trailer Crash on Williamstown Road in Franklin Township

NJ.com reports that Robert Kwasizur and his wife, Dorothy Kwasizur, both 77, are in the hospital after suffering major injuries when their car was hit by a big-rig. The accident occurred at Williamstown Road and Coles Mill Road on Friday morning.  Police say Robert Kwasizur was driving his Ford Edge along Williamstown and that he […]

Teen Passenger Killed after Car Collides Head-on with Tractor Trailer


Head-on collisions are considered the most serious of all motor vehicle accidents. They don’t occur frequently, but they can be very tragic, often resulting in fatalities. The speed and weight of the vehicles involved in a head-on crash has a significant bearing on the severity of the injuries sustained by the occupants of the vehicles. […]

Woman Fatally Hit by Box Truck in Paterson

When a truck strikes a pedestrian, the person on foot often suffers catastrophic and even fatal injuries. The initial impact itself may cause serious injuries or even kill the pedestrian, and such injuries are even compounded when the pedestrian is knocked to the ground or thrown into the air by the impact. NJ.com states that […]

1 Killed when Car Collides Head-on with Truck in Sayreville

People understand the toll that serious motor vehicle collisions can cause. Among the most tragic types of road accidents are those that occur when one vehicle crosses into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle head-on. Basic physics tells us that a head-on collision can be more severe than many other forms of collision because […]