Client Story of the Month – Russell J.

To whom it may concern:

This letter’s sole intent is to act as a letter of appreciation and verification to whomever is considering retaining Scott Grossman and his team to represent them in a court of law.  Let this be considered a testimony to Mr. Grossman and his staff.  This office as a team and their ability to perform their duties exceeded my expectations.

After hearing horror stories about attorneys and their prolonged cases which never get resolved or the attorneys that never keep in touch with their clients after being retained, I was skeptical walking into an attorney’s office for the first time.

However, all that changed following my initial consultation with attorney Scott Grossman.

Mr. Grossman, upon our initial introduction, promised me that he would work on my case and achieve a goal of maximum recovery within an allotted time frame and while doing so treat my case as if we were family.

I personally felt as though my file was never neglected nor put aside for another case of higher importance.  In fact, the ladies and gentlemen of this office stayed in constant contact with myself on a weekly or biweekly basis. While continuously giving me updates on the status of my case.  The team’s assistance with expeditiously handling my lawsuit and always assuring me that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, removed any doubt that I was just another case.

“Hope is the most powerful thing in the world.  Without hope we have nothing.”

It’s in my opinion, Russell J. Javaruski, Inventor of the Wellness Wedge, that the Grossman Law Firm and its valued employees are to be considered the absolute top of their individual field.  The definition of the staff in this office would be considered as:  compassionate, reliable, polite, courteous and most of all professional.

Because of my injury and over 2 years loss of employment, I thought that all hope was lost and that my life’s work was destined for failure.  But because of the restitution I received, I now have regained the ability to complete my work.  For that I’m truly grateful.  Although I’m not going to disclose the total amount received, I will state that the amount I received was almost “twice” the amount I was expecting.

“We never gave up hope!”

Great team work and a job well done everyone.

Special thanks to Carla for putting up with this crazy old man.


January 3, 2014