17 Injured in New Jersey Ferry Boat Accident

marineaccident300x264NJ.com reports that 17 people were injured when a New York Waterway ferry made a hard landing on a dock in Jersey City. The 17 were all taken to local hospitals. Three people were removed on stretchers. The Coast Guard is leading the investigation.

The privately operated ferry shuttles people to various points along the Hudson River in New York and New Jersey. The boat in question was the ferry Peter R. Wiess and it ran into the Paulus Hook Ferry terminal at about 7:30 in the evening.

The Coast Guard is given wide latitude when investigating marine accidents. To determine the cause of the accident, they may assess the fitness of both boat and crew. That can include drug and alcohol testing of all personnel involved, as well a check of any machinery or equipment relating to the accident.

Many things may contribute to a ferry accident. Lack of proper training, improperly maintained engines, or an unrealistic schedule that forces reckless behavior. Crews may be tired and overworked. A boat may be overloaded. Whatever the cause, it is best to hire an experienced accident attorney, especially in the case of a marine accident.

Maritime law is generally in play when it comes to a ferry accident. Any accident occurring on navigable waters or at sea comes under this particular kind of law. The normal personal injury law of a state may not apply. Again, a good personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on the particular law applicable to your case.

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