Gary says he was wrongfully treated by large and small pharmacies in New Jersey. The Grossman Law Firm wouldn’t let him settle for pharmacy errors.


GARY: Well my case was a large supermarket chain pharmacy gave me somebody else’s pills in my pill case. What didn’t make sense to me about this mistake that the pharmacy did was a week later I get a phone call from the lawyer, and they want to give me my $10 co-payment back, and wanted me to sign documents releasing them from any other liability, and that’s when I knew I had to get a lawyer. I was sick for about a week and a half until I was able to call Scott. I went to his office and met with him, and I could tell his passion was unbelievable. He wanted to fight for me against these big supermarket chains, and I just felt so comfortable, and I was in good hands with Scott. He explained to me how these pharmacy errors occur more often than I knew about, and he said that what I was doing was the right thing, to go after these companies to see if we can make them change their ways and be more careful, and watch what they’re doing with these medicines. This could have been a child, this could have been my son or my daughter. This is a very serious thing. When I left his office that first meeting I knew he was the right lawyer for me. He was like a friend, he really was passionate, he wanted to know exactly what was going on, and wanted to make sure I was healthy, I was better, I was getting back to normal. He just was a down to earth, great lawyer and friend. You know you’re getting a great job if you hire Scott Grossman. He’s diligent, he’s passionate, and he really, truly wants to help, really wants to get what you deserve, and you know, is just a great guy and a great lawyer. I would highly recommend Scott Grossman, and I have recommended Scott Grossman and his law firm, to my friends and people that I know. NARRATOR: Consultations are always free and confidential. Please call 877-99-NJLAW. That’s 877-996-5539. Or email us at the link below. You are not responsible for a fee, unless The Grossman Law Firm recovers on your behalf.


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