Hamilton Township to Improve Roads for Pedestrians

In Hamilton Township, vehicles struck 40 people between January 2012 and February 2013. Seven of those 40 were killed.

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Although Hamilton’s total number of pedestrian accidents is significantly lower in Hamilton compared to neighboring Trenton Township, local officials believe that the number is still cause for alarm.

Hamilton’s engineering department has been awarded two state grants for the purpose of improving road conditions for local pedestrians.

According to an official from the state Department of Transportation, the first grant amounts to $275,000, will be used for improving areas near elementary schools.

The second grant amounts to $200,000, will be used to improve the area of South Broad Street between I-195 and South Broad Street near Lacey Avenue.

South Broad Street was among the areas targeted in a bicycle and pedestrian circulation study conducted by the NJDOT in 2011. The study results revealed that South Broad Street was the site of several pedestrian and bicycle accidents that occurred between 2007 and 2009.

Since then, the town’s engineering department has been working on plans to improve the country road that stretches through Trenton. The study recommends the installing pedestrian lighting and making sidewalk improvements.

A Hamilton traffic cop states that the biggest issue concerning pedestrian safety in South Broad Street is visibility. Pedestrians don’t see cars, and cars don’t see the pedestrians.

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