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A herniated disk often results in leg pain, back pain, neck pain, tingling and numbness, electric shock sensation, bowel or bladder problems, saddle anesthesia or loss of sensation, and muscle weakness of lower extremities. Disk herniation occurs when the cushion sitting between the vertebra, also known as the bone of the back, is forced outside of its normal position.

new jersey back injury lawyerSpinal disks function as shock absorbers of the spine to allow easy movement of the spine when a person is bending, stretching or turning. If a nerve root or the spinal cord is pressed upon that causes it to be pushed outside of its position, the person experiences severe pain. In many herniated disk cases resulting from car accidents and other types of injuries in which the nerve gets damaged, the condition becomes irreversible or permanent.

Many individuals suffering from disk herniation are not able to identify the exact cause of the injury.  As people age, the spinal disks lose some water content which make them less flexible and more prone to rupturing or tearing even with minor twist or strain. Using the back muscles in lifting heavy objects instead of the muscles of the legs and thighs can cause the disks to move out of place. A traumatic event such as an automobile accident, a fall or a blow to the back may also result in herniated disk.

A herniated disk injury is diagnosed by MRI test. Conservative treatment methods for this condition include chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management therapy and acupuncture. If the condition doesn’t improve over time, the only treatment option left for herniated disk injury victims is spinal surgery, especially for most serious cases.

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Herniated Disk Injury Claim

Several factors are used to determine the value of a herniated disk injury claim. These factors include the number of disks involved, surgery performed, the prior condition of the disks, the outcome of the surgery or treatment and the permanent bodily restrictions if any. An experienced personal injury attorney is more knowledgeable in properly evaluating and assessing this type of injury and in defending such arguments.

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