New Jersey Interstate 195 (I-195) Accident Attorneys

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About I-195 in New Jersey

Also known as Highway 195 and I-195, Interstate 195 is an auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System located in New Jersey. I-195 ends in the west at I-295 and Route 29 south of Trenton, NJ in Hamilton Township, and ends in the east at the Garden State Parkway, Route 34, and Wall Township’s Route 138. This 34.17-mile route mostly has four lanes and stretches through the wooded areas of the state’s center. Highway 195 has an interchange with the New Jersey Turnpike at Robbinsville Township’s Exit 7A. Interstate 195 is the main access road to Six Flags Great Adventure and the Jersey Shore. Highway 195 is occasionally referred to as the Central Jersey Expressway and James J. Howard Interstate Highway.

New Jersey I-195 Accidents

While many motorists in NJ consider Highway 195 to be a good example of what a rural highway should be, many motor vehicle accidents still occur on this freeway. Although most of the freeway’s exits are not congested, the interchanges in Turnpike and Six Flags are generally congested during summer. The highway has a poorly designed exit ramp from east of I-195 to south of Route 34. Moreover, the portion of the freeway located at the Garden State Parkway lacks a proper acceleration lane, often causing traffic to slow down and thus resulting in rear-end collisions.

Congestion can occur during peak hours at the Route 34 interchange. As a result, this results in over capacity of the cloverleaf interchange and dangerous waving situations. The freeway’s pavement is generally in poor condition, since much of it was never repaved since the highway was first built. Although some sections of Highway 195 are newer, a repaving project on the entire freeway could help avoid accidents due to poor road conditions.

Since only a few portions of NJ Interstate 195 are congested, drivers who tend to drive above the maximum speed limit frequent it. In fact, speeding drivers cause most of the accidents occurring on I-195. Speeding is obviously a dangerous driving habit. Although many motorists often try to justify their speeding by claiming to be running late for work, they can never make excuses when they cause an accident and injure other motorists or themselves. Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to maneuver around road obstructions or negotiate curves, which often causes devastating accidents on Highway 195.

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