New Jersey Interstate 280 (I-280) Accident Attorneys

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About I-280 in New Jersey

A part of New Jersey’s Interstate Highway, the 17.85-mile Interstate 280 or I-280 runs from Highway 80 in Parsippany-Troy Hills, Morris County to Newark, as well as the I-95 in Hudson County’s Kearny. The western part of Highway 280 runs through the suburban areas of Essex County and Morris County, and crosses the Watchung Mountains.

The setting of the route becomes urbanized upon reaching The Oranges, and then the route continues to a depressed alignment before it ascends to Newark. Highway 280 has a lift bridge known as the William A. Stickel Memorial Bridge between Newark and Harrison. This freeway, also sometimes referred to as Essex Freeway, interchanges with a few roads, such as East Orange’s Garden State Parkway and Newark’s Route 21.

NJ I-280 Accidents

Interstate 280 is one of the most accident-prone freeways in all of New Jersey. Its dated road design and the heavy truck traffic contribute much to motor vehicle accidents that occur on the freeway. An obvious bad design is the portion from the Garden State Parkway going to the east. Eastbound traffic has to merge right at least one lane just to stay on Highway 280. Five lanes are eventually narrowed down to two lanes, and this creates a traffic chokepoint that can result in rear-end collisions and side collisions.

Some motorists traveling through I-280 westbound are not aware that the right lane is only for exit until the drawbridge, where drivers only have 300 feet left to merge into the NJ 58 viaduct lanes. At the Garden State, the westbound lanes at exit 13 turn into exit 12 lanes, forcing motorists to merge left. The main problem with I-280 is the old NJ 58 viaduct, which is often congested and unsafe for motorists.

The western segment of the Interstate 280 with the First and Second Mountains, also known as the two hills, was plagued with wet-concrete truck accidents. However, the state’s repaving efforts have helped minimize accidents in the area. While I-280 in New Jersey starts out nice, the exit 4 onward is suburbia, turns into a huge rock cut, continues as an urban depressed freeway, and then ends with train tracks on one side and industrial area on the other side.

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