New Jersey Interstate 295 (I-295) Accident Attorneys

A serious highway accident often results in disabling injuries, mounting medical bills, pain and suffering, and financial burdens. The New Jersey Interstate  accident attorneys at The Grossman Law firm are always ready to help people injured on Highway 295 on a contingency basis. We thoroughly evaluate your case to identify the parties potentially liable for your losses, and we strive hard to obtain fair compensation on your behalf. Contact us for a free consultation.

About I-295 in New Jersey

Interstate 295, also known as I-295 or Highway 295 in New Jersey, is a secondary interstate highway considered as a bypass route from a junction with I-95 south of Wilmington, Delaware to another junction with Highway 95 north of Trenton. From I-95, it runs east crossing the Delaware River through the Delaware Memorial Bridge to New Jersey. This bridge consists of two suspension bridges that carry traffic in opposite directions. One bridge carries traffic from Delaware to NJ, and the other carries traffic from NJ to Delaware. Highway 295, also sometimes called the New Jersey Expressway, runs parallel to New Jersey Turnpike for most of its course in the state.

New Jersey I-295 Accidents

Most highways in New Jersey are not in perfect condition for motorists’ use, but most traffic accidents that occur on I-295 are not caused by faulty road conditions but by drivers’ negligence. Every person who uses Highway 295 and all other roadways have a duty to act in a reasonable manner. Tailgating, speeding, drunk driving, and operating gadgets are among the dangerous activities that any driver must not perform while driving. If a driver’s negligence or recklessness caused injuries to others, then he or she may be held liable for the victims’ injuries and losses.

Interstate 295 is one of the busiest routes in New Jersey, and many of the accidents that take place on this highway end in catastrophic injuries and severe property damage. It is common for large commercial trucks to use I-295 to transport heavy cargo. The drivers of such vehicles may have traveled for hours and hours and still operate their massive trucks despite experiencing fatigue and drowsiness. When a driver of those 18-wheelers, tanker trucks, tractor trailers, semi trucks, and big rigs fall asleep while behind the wheel, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal.

About The Grossman Law Firm

For more than a decade, the New Jersey I-295 Accident Lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm have served many people injured on Highway 295 due to the negligence or misconduct of another party or entity. Founded by Attorney Scott Grossman, this reputable law firm is committed to providing injured clients with professional, aggressive, and compassionate legal representation. If you or any of your family members has been injured in an accident that occurred on I-295, contact The Grossman Law Firm today at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation.