New Jersey Interstate 676 (I-676) Accident Attorneys

Each year, highway accidents contribute to thousands of serious injuries and hundreds of fatalities in the state of New Jersey. The New Jersey accident lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm have been providing legal representation to accident victims injured on I-676 for more than a decade. We are committed to helping accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses. Contact us for a free consultation.

About I-676 in New Jersey

From Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Highway 676 enters New Jersey through the downtown area of Camden County and passes to the north area of Campbell’s Field. As I-676 enters the state, it becomes signed as a north-south road. There’s a southbound ramp to Camden’s 6th street near the tollbooths for northbound traffic. At an interchange after the toll plaza, I-676 and U.S. 30 split, and then I-676 heads south as a six-lane freeway. This portion of the highway is called the North-South Freeway or Martin Luther King Memorial Highway. As Highway 676 continues, it heads south through Camden’s urban cities, several streets, and runs to the west of a railroad line. It continues southwest on a viaduct before it interchanges with CR 607 and Atlantic Avenue. The highway then turns south, comes to the exit for Morgan Boulevard, and crosses the North Branch of Newton Creek.

NJ I-676 Accidents

Accidents that occur on NJ Interstate 676 often result in serious and fatal injuries due to the speed at which vehicles usually run on interstate highways. The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be even more devastating when a large, speeding truck is involved.

Truck drivers lead a different lifestyle from most other motorists. Truckers often navigate the highways for long hours as typically required by their job. They are often on tight schedules and tend to run at a higher speed, which can be dangerous for them and for other people who share the road with them. Many truckers traveling on Highway 676 need to deal with large gaps in peripheral vision caused by their own vehicles. Other vehicles who are in any of a truck’s blind spots may also be hit by the truck as it changes speed or lanes.

About The Grossman Law Firm

For many years, the New Jersey car and truck accident lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm have served many people injured on Highway 676 due to the negligence or misconduct of another party or entity. This reputable firm, founded by Attorney Scott Grossman, is made up of attorneys committed to providing injured clients with aggressive, professional, and compassionate legal representation. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident that occurred on I-676, contact The Grossman Law Firm today at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation.