New Jersey U.S. Route 22 Accident Attorneys

It’s typical for a New Jersey resident to feel surrounded by highways. While highways and freeways are a part of life in this state, a road accident on any of these highways can result in serious and fatal injuries. For more than a decade, the New Jersey U.S. Route 22 accident attorneys at The Grossman Law Firm have been representing injured victims and their families. As dedicated personal injury lawyers, we will put in our best efforts to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation.

About US 22 in New Jersey

U.S. Route 22, also known as US 22 or Highway 22, stretches from Cincinnati, Ohio to Newark, New Jersey, where it runs for 60.53 miles from the Easton-Phillips Toll Bridge to Interstate 78, U.S. 1/9, and Route 21 at the Newark Airport Exchange in Newark, Essex County. US 22 heads through the area of Phillipsburg-Alpha as a divided highway before it runs concurrent with Interstate 78 through the state’s eastern part between Alpha and east of Clinton in Hunterdon County. The rest of the route, which has four to six lanes, runs to the south of Interstate 78 through suburban areas and passes through the counties of Hunterdon, Somerset, Union, and Essex. It then intersects with Highway 202 and 206 in Somerville, Bridgewater Township’s Interstate 287, and the Union’s Garden State Parkway.

NJ Route 22 Accidents

U.S. Route 22 in NJ is one of the state’s most dangerous highways. In Somerset County, US 22 has been named by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign as the most dangerous road due to its high pedestrian fatality rate. Based on the number of deaths, Highway 22’s most dangerous stretch runs through Bridgewater in North Bridge Street to Adamsville Road. Non-fatal and fatal motor vehicle accidents also occur in other portions of the route.

Many states prohibit pedestrians from walking along or on highways. While vehicles on sidewalks, side streets, and crosswalks generally hit most pedestrians, a number of pedestrian accidents do occur on highways. Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles on highways almost always present a complex legal situation. Many highways do not provide safety measures for people on foot, simply because pedestrians are not supposed to be on highways. Moreover, vehicles typically run at high speeds on highways and this makes highway pedestrian accidents often catastrophic.

The burden of injured pedestrians and injured motorists on Route 22 can be made worse by the modified comparative negligence statute of New Jersey. Under the law of the state, an injured plaintiff cannot recover damages if the plaintiff’s fault is greater than or more than 50% of the fault of the defendant. Such a case requires the expertise of personal injury lawyer skilled in proving liability.

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