New Jersey Route 495 Accident Attorneys

New Jersey is one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. Of course, the high population in NJ means more vehicles on the road and more traffic accidents. The New Jersey Route 495 accident attorneys at The Grossman Law Firm take pride in putting our best effort in every NJ 495 accident case we handle. We have been dedicated to serving the legal needs of our injured clients and their families for over ten years. Contact us for a free consultation.

About Route 495 in New Jersey

Route 495 or NJ 495 is a freeway in Hudson County linking the NJ Turnpike (I-95) at 17 and 16E exits in Secaucus to NY Route 495 in the Weehawken’s Lincoln Tunnel. This route starts at the off-ramp of Exit 16E on the NJ Turnpike’s northbound lanes, close to the border of North Bergen and Secaucus. Much of NJ 495 has six lanes, as well as a bus lane used during morning rush hours, with a speed limit that ranges from 35mph to 50mph. The bus lane stretches through the entire freeway and continues to the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel.

New Jersey Route 495 Accidents

Many motorists and commuters on NJ 495 have been seriously or fatally injured on New Jersey Route 495, and it still continues to be a dangerous route for people. This freeway cuts through the rocks of Palisades in NJ, and the rock cuts prevent road widening. Moreover, the route’s six lanes are squeezed on a roadway that seems to barely handle four lanes. Due to the heavy traffic that frequents this highway, it seems like NJ Route 495 needs at least ten lanes to truly accommodate traffic.

Route 495 is home to impatient drivers, as it has chronic delays in both directions that usually last from twenty minutes to an hour. While the Lincoln Tunnel has a capacity of six lanes, this portion of 495 needs much more room. The traffic lights at the tunnel’s eastern end often cause traffic to stop and go, which would stretch all the way back to NJ’s tollbooths. Even when the traffic flows freely, which seldom happens, this aged and narrow highway is somewhat difficult to maneuver. While the route’s speed limit is 50 mph, drivers can’t actually move that fast. There are lots of large trucks in the right lines, quick off-ramps, and blind merges that combine to create a very hazardous driving situation.

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