John Parham Dies After Car Crashes With Police Car At Ross and Summit in Hackensack reports that Hackensack resident John Parham died Thursday afternoon after a traffic collision with a Hackensack patrol car. He was 67.

Authorities say the police car was responding to a wreck involving a motorcyclist who was fleeing from police. The accident involving Parham occurred at the intersection of Ross and Summit Avenues.

Salvatore Deangelis, 31, was the motorcyclist police were pursuing. He suffered only moderate injuries when he eventually crashed into a car. He was subsequently taken into custody by the police. Deangelis is presently being charged with criminal eluding and motor vehicle offenses. Those include reckless driving, as well as careless driving and improper display of a license plate. He remains hospitalized at Hackensack University Medical Center. He has had his bail amount set at $50,000.

Further charges may still be brought, depending on the results of the final investigation and a decision by the District Attorney.

The entire Grossman Law Firm sends their sincerest and deepest condolences to everyone affected by this heartbreaking misfortune. We know from long experience as personal injury attorneys that the impact of such a tragic death may last for many years.

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